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The charm of Kofu

Kofu City is easily accessible from the city center and is an attractive area with abundant nature, hot springs, and many historic sites.

The purpose of this site is to convey its charm to the fullest and to provide useful information for sightseeing in Kofu.

Kofu Travel Information

Information on accommodation facilities such as luxury hotels and popular hot spring inns, shops where you can eat specialties unique to Kofu such as hoto and chicken simmered, and souvenirs you definitely want to buy are also introduced.

In addition, “Overview of Kofu City” gives an overview and history of Kofu City, and “Sightseeing Spots of Kofu City” briefly conveys the highlights.

Kofu and Casino – Peru’s Most Popular Winter Getaway

Kofu is a small, yet charming town on the slopes of the majestic Andean highlands. Its spectacular mountains and pristine forests made it the perfect location for a remote village such as Kofu and Casino. There are a total of eleven hamlets which are each home to their own unique culture, tradition and way of life. This small town is located on the foothills of the majestic Cordillera ranges and offers stunning views of the surrounding Andes Mountains and the silver peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

The town is surrounded by high walls and is protected by a local law that prohibits open access to the valley floor. Kofu has one main entrance called the ‘Paseo de Gracia’ (high wall) which stretches for one mile from its base. Two more main roads lead to the other seven hamlets. These roads are well sign-read and pass by many ancient ruins and ancient villages that have been adapted into modern day Kofu.

One of the main attractions of Kofu and Casino is its high black mountains, which seem to tower over the village. The view from the top of the Paseo de Gracia is simply breathtaking. One can clearly see the black skies above and the snow-capped peaks of the Cordilleras. The view from the top of the Paseo de Gracia can be enjoyed year round.

At the heart of the town is the Kofu Casino. It was built in 1966 and initially had a year-round boost casino to compete with the existing Las Vegas casinos. Kofu and Casino are now known mainly as a winter resort and the town hosts numerous ski and snowboarding events throughout the year. Visitors can check out the beautiful Chiriches Mountains during their visit to the town and the casino. Other winter activities include white water rafting and skiing.

Kofu and Casino are also home to a number of hotels, motels and bed and breakfast accommodations. These accommodations tend to be very inexpensive. Many of these accommodations are located in walking distance to the village and casino.

The prices for staying in Kofu and Casino can be very reasonable. Many of these hotels are located close to the amenities of the village. This allows visitors to take short trips or to stay at a hotel while touring the area. There is one motel in town however, that is very exclusive and is only accessible by reservations. The reservation fee will also include access to the spa, which is open to all visitors.