Here, we will introduce the shops in Kofu City that are recommended for buying Shingen Mochi, a famous Yamanashi confectionery nationwide.

There are two types of Shingen mochi!

Shingen Mochi is a confectionery manufactured and sold by a company called Kinseiken Co., Ltd., a confectionery manufacturer in Yamanashi Prefecture, with its trademark registered. In addition to this, there is “Kikyou Shingen Mochi” manufactured by a Japanese sweets shop called Kikyouya. Both stores are located in many areas.

  • Kofu’s shop that sells Shingen mochi from Kinseiken … There are Kofu City Local Industry Center Scratch, Marugoto Yamanashikan, and Newdays inside and outside the Kofu Station ticket gate.
  • Kofu shops that sell Kikyo Shingen Mochi … Kofu main building, Kofu station outside souvenir shop, each major station, etc. There are several types such as Kikyouya Tojiro, Kikyouya Kuromitsuan (cafe), and Kikyouya Hanakatei.

If you want to compare the two types of Shingen mochi, it seems better to use Kofu station.