Here, we will give you an overview and history of Kofu City, which is the prefectural capital of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Kofu City

Kofu City, which runs north-south through the Kofu Basin, is an area surrounded by many mountains, including the Southern Alps, and is also known as the beautiful scenic spot “Mitake Shosenkyo”, which is known for its beautiful beauty. I have. There are many hot springs and historic sites, and it remains popular as a tourist spot very close to Tokyo. In recent years, due to its proximity to Tokyo, the population has flowed out to the city center, and the inactivation of the regional economy has become a problem.

History of Kofu

This area, which has been called Kai Province since the 7th century, has been under the control of Kai Genji since the Heian period and the Kamakura Shogunate during the Muromachi period, but during the Warring States period, Takeda became a warring lord and Kofu became a castle town. It prospered as an economic and commercial center. The Kofu Castle Ruins, which is now a famous historic site, conveys the prosperity of those days.