Kofu, which is famous for its hot springs, has many hot spring inns. We will introduce carefully selected recommended hot spring inns from among them.

Tokiwa Hotel

A long-established inn that is famous as a hotel for the imperial family. The beautiful Japanese garden seen from the room and the quaint and moist atmosphere are attractive. You can spend a relaxing time in the hot spring with the scent of cypress.

Ryokan Yanagiya

It is a ryokan in Yumura Onsen that has been popular since ancient times. There are 4 large and small open-air baths, and some rooms have open-air baths. In the calm Japanese-style room, you can enjoy local cuisine using local seasonal ingredients.

Hotel Kaminoyu Onsen

A popular ryokan with hot springs overlooking Mt. Fuji. The name “Kami no Yu” is convincing that you can see the divine Mt. Fuji while taking a bath. You can enjoy 11 kinds of baths and dishes using local specialties such as Koshu wine beef.