A little-known specialty of Kofu is “Tori-motsuni”. It is a sweet and spicy boiled chicken liver, gizzard, hatsu, kumquat, etc. It is a popular dish as a snack at a soba restaurant. There is no doubt that you will be addicted to it once you eat it. Introducing a famous store in Kofu where you can eat such chicken motsuni.

Tonkatsu riki

Especially popular is the chicken rice bowl with motsuni on rice. There is also a set of pork cutlet and motsuni, so it is perfect for those who want a voluminous meal.

Okudo Main Store

This is a must-try restaurant if you want to eat chicken motsuni. You can enjoy the elegant and gentle taste of chicken motsuni. It is also a shop that can be used when you want to have a special dinner at a soba restaurant.

Kimisaku soba shop

A long-established soba restaurant, the highlight is the set of chicken offal, soba noodles, and chicken offal with two small plates. Soba is also delicious with a chewy texture mixed with yam.